Terms and Conditions

Ergodotisi welcomes you to its website.


Ergodotisi is owned by "Melior Capital Ltd" based in Limassol, which is a limited liability company.


The purpose of ergodotisi.com website is to become a point of meeting of the needs relating to the labour market of Cyprus, E.U. and abroad. All communications developed through or because of the website's services must belong in this context.


Please read this page carefully. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between ergodotisi and the user/visitor (natural or legal person) concerning this website.


If you are a job seeker, then Terms and Conditions and exhibits that appeal to employers, do not appeal to you.

Any use of our website presumed consent and your acceptance of the following detailed Terms and Conditions including the Privacy Policy, as well as any changes or modifications we make, always with legality, good faith and morals. These Terms and Conditions cover all the existing services provided by ergodotisi and any new ones that may be included on its website. A prerequisite for the use of this website, is the user commitment that he will not use it for illegal purposes.

In case the user/visitor does not agree with any points of the website, the user/visitor should not use it and is encouraged to contact us, informing us about his/her defenses, so they can be evaluated by our company.

The stay of the user on the pages of this website and the use of information provided by these pages, implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.



 "Graphics" is all logos, buttons and all the graphic elements of the Website.

"Document", is any material entered by any user on the Website. Details about job vacancies or CV’s are included.

"Employer" is the natural or legal person who has access to the Website to inform about any jobs or for any reason is associated with finding employees.

"You" is the natural person (or legal person on whose behalf you act) who agrees with these Terms and Conditions.

"Website" is www.ergodotisi.com, including its content and services.

"Text" is all the texts found on every page, whether they are educational, informative, guiding, or syntax text.

"Content" includes all Text, Graphics, Design and Programming used on the Website.

"Programming" includes the user code (HTML, JaveScript, etc.) and the server code used on the Website.

"Design" is the color combinations and the page layout of the Website.

"Job Seeker", is the User who has the right to access to the website to search for job.

"Services", are all services provided through the Website by ergodotisi or its delegates.

"User" is any natural or legal person who uses any section of the website.

The information provided on the website is purely informative or/and promotional and they can never be considered as suggestions, advices or guidelines to the User/visitor.




The use of website services are available only to adults who act for themselves or as legal representatives of companies, in order to seek for a job or staff. It is a binding condition that the User uses the informative material lawfully, in a way that does not violate any terms of this convention and only for private use.


Including but not limited to, the user consents that will use the Website in a way that does not cause damage or infringe the rights of another user or third party, will not use the Website to acquire, alter or disseminate personal details of another user or third party and will not negatively affect the safety and smooth operation of the website.


Copying all or part of the Website is prohibited. Use of the website should be made with lawfulness, good faith and under the agreed usage between the company and the user, which specializes in these Terms and Conditions and the Standard Services Agreement.


Any use of ergodotisi services, access to information, to the website’s pages, use of resources and contact addresses, use of form, click on "Apply online" and "Apply" button and contact via e-mail, fax, mail or telephone, requires the full and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned here.

You agree that you are solely responsible for the content of any document you post to the Website and for any consequences may occur from the posted documents.


Regarding Users and/or subscribers who have access to the CV Bank, the company ensures their uninterrupted access to it using their private password, always under the agreed and lawful use. Specifically, it ensures for its smooth operation, base maintenance, correcting errors, the correct transmission of data, enrichment and renewal. In the context of the protection of intellectual property provisions, from which the base is protected and the sui generis, users are not allowed to reveal their private password, neither to grant the right to use it for free or for any return to a third party. The right to access the CV Bank is from the Standard Services Agreement and is exclusively for the satisfaction of strictly private needs or company needs, of the user/subscriber counterparty.

Export and/or re-utilization of all or a substantial part of the CV Bank and any other act of exploitation of the base that affects the rights of its manufacturer is prohibited. "Export" means the permanent or temporary transfer of all or a substantial part of the bank to another carrier by any mean or in any form and "re-utilization" means any form of making available to the public of all or a substantial part of the bank by distribution of copies, by renting, transmission by direct contact or other forms. Also, it is prohibited to repeatedly and systematically extract or/and reuse even substantial parts of the content of the CV Bank, if the use is in a manner detrimental to the legitimate interest of the owner - maker.

Under the Standard Services Agreement, the user acquires just the right to use the Bank, not stipulated licence or contract it. User is permitted to print or save search results on its private computer and create a limited number of copies of the Bank for the internal needs of its company.



It is strictly prohibited to transmit, distribute, disseminate, place, present, upload etc., posts on ergodotisi.com website which has malicious, insulting, offensive, pornographic, defamatory, misleading, obscene content and generally material that affect the under legislation applicable rights of the consumers, of other users and of this website and in particular those concerning the protection of human dignity, honor, reputation, privacy, are minors or professional reputation.

It is not desired by either side, written placements that relate to religious, national, personal characteristics, political opinions, racial or other discrimination or general details that affect or violate the personality of the candidates or business reputation.


Any user action aimed at threatening, or harassing others, disclosure of personal data and data from third party legal or natural persons and the use of the site for different purposes than those for which it was created, is strictly prohibited.


All users access our services at their own risk and they are required to access in a bona fide nature. Any use of the services for purposes other than those declared,access to non-public information, attempt to alter information, unauthorized system control, unnecessary resource burden, harassment of other users, or other action against ergodotisi with or without the use specific means, shall be construed as a breach of confidentiality of communication and / or trafficking, and prosecution of any infringer involved shall be sought.



The Services provided by ergodotisi.com are limited to those described or referenced therein. The Company does not assume any financial or other obligation to third parties, required to use or access its services.

All the personnel selection agencies, recruitment offices as well as organizations or bodies that support those who seek employment in Cyprus, are encouraged to use the above Services.

All Users can freely browse the website of ergodotisi under the terms and conditions of this contract, be informed about job vacancies, job search, volunteering, advertisements and any service provided by our site.

Services to ordinary browsers and job seekers are free of charge. User can upload their CV on the website for free.

The Services that are subjected to charge and provided by the website are described in the respective billing tables and are, including the other terms, product of the parties, namely Melior Capital LTD and the individual customer, a natural or legal person. The present Terms and Conditions of using the website are an integral part of the Service Agreement.

It is an integral right of ergodotisi to proceed in any changes in charges.


The Company may refuse to grant a password or cancel a password or terminate service provision to the user and refuse any current or future use of the website or of the CV bank in the event of violation of these Terms and Conditions or any law.

The User agrees that he is solely responsible for the content of any document he places on the site and for any consequence, damage or failure resulting from the placement of this document to the company, to other users or to third parties.

Both sending CVs and the contents of the CVs are responsibility of the users - candidates. Users are in no way encouraged to include sensitive personal data in their CVs. If this happens, the company is not responsible for any matter that may arise with regard to the information they have provided.

The companies/businesses that enjoy the services of the website give the right to the company to use their name and logo to serve needs of attracting candidates and promoting its services. Any use by users of any name or logo shown on the website, is prohibited without the prior consent of the Company or any other copyright holder.

Besides the Documents created by a User, the Website and all copyrights on the Website are exclusive property of ergodotisi and or Melior Capital LTD, or their legal licensors.


The Company undertakes continuous checks to ensure the safe and unobtrusive use of the Website for its Users, free of malware (e.g. virus) and possible arbitrary access to personal user information. The user is required to take all necessary security and protection measures of his system.

The Company has no responsibility towards anyone according any direct, indirect, specific or followed damage which results in any User as a result of the use of the Website or/and the use of any other connected digital place, including without limitation of any loss of profit, interruption of work, loss of programs or other data at the data handling system or any other.


Our Website includes information whose the Company is not responsible for checking the validity and availability. As a result of this, the Company is not responsible for any untrue information that may be included on its Website and the user is encouraged to check the information and its use by himself.

If ergodotisi is informed by a user that any Document or action is inconsistent with the terms of the contract, ergodotisi may investigate the complaint and decide in good faith and in its absolute discretion whether to take action against the User or the Document placed on the Website.

Nothing on the Website will be considered as an approval, affirmation or warranty to any User or any third party, either concerning the Website or its products, services, recruitment, experience, employment or recruitment methods etc.

Ergodotisi is not a recruitment office nor an office for hiring workers. It cannot guarantee that the use of the Website will lead to the recruitment of a Candidate Employee nor the filling of a vacant job. Ergodotisi is not a responsible for any job decisions taken by Users or for the reasons or manners of making the relevant decisions.


In the context of the services provided by the Company, this Website is likely to refer through links or through the posted ads or banner advertisements to other websites, the providers of which, have full responsibility for the law, security and validity of the content of these websites. Users are required to comply with the terms of use of these Websites and the company assumes no responsibility for anything that arises from their use.



Except from specific third party rights expressly recognized (intellectual and other) for which third parties have sole responsibility for their protection, all material contained on this Website at any time, including, but not limited to, the content, design, layout of the signals, software, data, programs, illustrations, texts, graphics, services and generally and kind of files as well as badges, logos, trade names and trademarks belongs to the exclusive property of the Company and is protected by the Cypriot, Community and international law. This content may not be in whole or in part traded, copied, modified, reproduced, relayed, or transmitted or distributed in any way by users unless it has previously been provided with written permission from the Company or any other copyright holder.


Any User use of any third party name or logo displayed on the Website without the prior consent of the Company or any other copyright holder is prohibited.



In order to achieve its purpose, the Company hereby notifies that it collects personal data of the user.


The User agrees that the Company may always keep and process this data with a legal way, in good faith and in conduct of business protecting it, for the purposes which it was submitted to ergodotisi.com as well as to those mentioned in the Privacy Policy of our Website.


The Privacy Policy provides a review on the way the Company through the Website collects and processes your data of personal nature and informs you about your rights according the local law concerning the protection of data and the General Regulation for the Protection of Data of EU («GDPR»). The Privacy Policy is available here.



The Company may modify, suspend or discontinue part or all of the services and conditions of use without notice if it considers that the User has breached a term of this contract or provision of law and its liability is exhausted in the return of unused and prepaid services.


The Company reserves its right to discontinue access to the CV Database or to unilaterally terminate the Service Agreement by termination of which (Service Agreement) an integral part is this contract with the Terms and Conditions of use, in case of non-payment of arrears within a specified period of time mentioned in the Service Agreement.



The User agrees that if his actions causes damage to the Company in any way, he/she is liable to indemnify the Company and to intervene in favor of the Company or against any claim against it, including the lawyer fees and any expenses arising from the above illegal or unconventional actions.


In the case that a User of the Services of the Website or the CV Bank is a representative of a company/business, it is presumed that the company/business agrees to these terms and therefore becomes liable to indemnify our company and employees for any claim arise from the use of the Services, or the breach of contractual terms, including lawyer fees and any costs that may arise from the behavior mentioned above.


The User agrees in every case which is unlawful or contrary to these terms and to the legal framework governing the use of the Website, that he/she will indemnify the Company for any positive and / or potential damage suffered by its unlawful or unconventional action as well as by a document, which he placed on the website.


Ergodotisi will not be liable to the User for any financial loss, loss of profits, loss of or reduction of clientele or anything else, in either case, direct indirect or repayable, or claims for damage of any kind (as it may be).



Use of this Website is governed by the provisions of Cyprus Government.